Allison and Benjamin

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Our Story

Ben and Allison met in May 2015 through the power of the internet.

After Ben messaged Allison, their first date was a few weeks later at a cocktail bar in Manhattan.

On the walk over, Allison jokingly texted Ben: “Will you be the one holding a single red rose, a la The Bachelor?” 

“Of course,” Ben deadpanned, “It’s the bookmark in my copy of Pride and Prejudice.” 

That’s when Allison knew that this was probably going to be okay.

On their second date, Allison and Ben were playing a competitive game of Trivial Pursuit at a bar when Ben got called in to assist on an emergency transplant at the hospital. He quickly kissed her before hopping into a yellow taxi. Allison still thinks he just made something up because he was afraid of losing.

In October 2017, Ben proposed to Allison on the porch of a cabin in upstate New York, overlooking the Catskill Mountains.

Nowadays, Ben and Allison live together with their cat, Neko in an apartment in Rose Hill, Manhattan.
Leah Bisch